Monday, April 25, 2005

A Ploughman`s Prayer

Seen by an old plough while out in the country yesterday:

The Ploughman`s Prayer

The King he governs all

The Parson prays for all

The Lawyer pleads for all

The Ploughman pay for all

And feed all.


Jane P said...
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Jane P said...

Sorry, typos in my last post, so I deleted it.
What I meant to ask was, is that a prayer? Isn't a prayer addressed to God? That seems more like a list of facts, or a political statement. Or is it meant to be a grumble to God about the unfairness of life?

Ivy said...

I wondered that when I read it, so thought I`d print it on my blog and see what others thought.
It`s exactly how it was engraved on the plinth which had the old plough on in a village, with details on the other side of its origins (the plough, not the prayer)