Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heartfelt Thanks

Well, I`m back home and it`s all over.

And, it`s good news - there`s no problems with my arteries or my heart. They told me the result about 10 minutes after the test when they`d looked at all the x-rays.   I am so relieved

The test wasn`t very pleasant, yet not as bad as I feared. And it all seems to be healing up well where they did it. My friend was able to stay in the nice little single bed ward where they put me both before they did it and as soon as they returned me there from the recovery room. The test took about 30 minutes then after going back from the recovery room I had to lay flat for two and a half hours, then then gradually sat me up during another hour and a half, after which I was allowed to get up and walk around a bit. and we could then ring my other friend to come and collect me. All in all we spent about 8 hours at the hospital!
I am so thankful to the kindess of all the nurses and other hospital staff, (I can`t remember  the titles of all their jobs) but they were all so caring and helpful.   And, I`m especially grateful to my friend who stayed with me througout it all.


Lani said...

What a relief, Ivy. I see I've not visited your place for too long and I missed everything leading up to this. Just wanted you to know I'm so glad things turned out fine. Are you still having the pain? What do they think it is/was?

Ivy said...

No, thankfully the pain has gone as well. They didn`t say what they thought it was.

Nicole said...

I just happened upon your blog - and I wanted to share that I have been battling a few "frightful" heart experiences recently. I am glad you are doing well!

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