Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A radio star?!

I got pounced upon this morning.

No, don`t get alarmed, not literally. 

From where I work, I have to during the course of the day, come out of my office front door onto the pavement to go into the adjoining part of our premises.   Ok, in nice weather, not so good if its raining - but I digress.  This morning I opened the door, stepped down the step onto the pavement and a man dashed up to me.  He had something in his hand, and I assumed he was going to ask directions.

But, no.  What he had in his hand was a microphone and small recorder.   I`m from Radio North Norfolk he said, would you say a short piece of  who you are/where you are and greetings/ christmas wishes / etc to anyone you like for our spot on the show on Saturday morning. 

I stood there totally taken aback by it.

But, I found myself agreeing and the mircophone was held in front of me - talk about having to think quickly!  Still I managed to utter something and he seemed happy with it.   It will be on, on Saturday morning he said. 

I didn`t think to ask what time.   So now, I ponder do I listen all morning or am I better not to hear whatever it was I gabbled off?


Lani said...

Oh... you should definitely listen to it. And also record it and post it so we can hear it, too.

Ivy said...

I did try to listen to it - I had the radio on in the car while I was out, but couldn`t get a good reception on the radio indoors, so as I couldn`t sit in the car all morning, I didn`t hear it in the end!