Monday, December 28, 2009

Lucky Numbers

Having commented on Z`s blog the other day about a box of chocolates I remember from childhood and which used to be a favourite of ours, but which few people, if any, seem to remember I thought I`d see if I could find any info on them on Google.   Just to be sure that I wasn`t dreaming them up!   Although I well remember the delicious No. 6 (or 9 if you turn it the other way round), it was a round domed chocolate with a gorgeous soft caramel filling.  Yummy - my favourite out of the box.

So, I typed in Cadbury`s Lucky Numbers and here`s what I came up with

Lucky Numbers

In 1958 Cadbury launched a new assortment of chewy sweets, some covered in chocolate and some not. These Lucky Numbers each had an individual number on the wrapper, hence the name. The brand was retired in 1968

and even a site had the tv advert words for them

Cadbury’s Lucky Numbers: Late 1950s
Lucky Numbers, Lucky Numbers — chocolate and chew.
I’ll be lucky, you’ll be lucky … they’ll be lucky too!

and then -
I came across this one, with memories of all kinds of sweets and treats - what memories that stirred up!


Z said...

Lucky Numbers is the only one without a picture - you must have filled an exclusive niche market!

I love the story about the "desperation" boy!

And I hated Five Centres - fruit slimes again.

Ivy said...

We`d do well sharing a box of chocs - I love the soft centres and don`t like hard ones!

seethroughfaith said...

I don't like soft centres either. But am trying not to indulge in chocs this year

boxing day = the day the staff (butlers and maids etc) were given their half year wages and usually a box (of leftovers and maybe unwanted clothing from the household) for their families. They had a day (or half day off) ... the employees usually ate a cold buffet meal that day

Anonymous said...

There's a photo of a Lucky Numbers tin on Google images