Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lucy Locket

Lucy Locket lost her pocket....... or so the nursery rhyme goes.

And, it struck me today, that we too have lost our pockets.

Why is it that ladieswear, especially skirts no longer have pockets in them. Where are we expected to put our hankies (or tissues)?

Men`s trousers all have pockets in them, and so it seems do many of their shirts - so why, oh why don`t the designers of ladies wear realise that we too need pockets to put our items in?

And, no, don`t tell me to wear trousers to solve the problem!


stf (lorna) said...

it IS one reason I wear trousers more.

My friend who was amissionary in PNG sewed pockets in her long dresses and skirts .. and my mum still does (so she has somewhere to pop her hanky)

go check out into the bible by the way some good discussions opening up.

Z said...

I've got a couple of pairs of trousers without pockets too. I agree with you.