Friday, September 18, 2009

Biting my tongue!

On leaving work this morning I had a few minutes to spare before I had to be somewhere else, so looking in our local Building Society and seeing only one person at the counter, I thought, yes I`ve time to just go in there.

All I needed to do was pay one cheque in.

So, in I went and stood at the head of the queue section by the barrier. and I stood...... and stood..... and stood.....and........ The person at the counter had obviously completed her business as she was putting items into her handbag. But the cashier keep asking her questions - "have you got home insurance?`, "do you need information about insurance with us?" "do you want another savings account?......." and so it went on. The woman didn`t seem a bit interested but kept saying that her husband dealt with that. This then encouraged the cashier to go to find some leaflets to give her. By then I`d stood there about 10 minutes. Looking at my watch, gritting my teeth in frustration, at the time it was taking for me to do a simple job. There was no other partition open.

Eventually, the woman went, and I got to the counter to pay in my one cheque. That done - in just a minute - the cashier straight away asked me "have you got personal insurance cover?!" To which I replied a hasty "Yes, thanks. Bye" (I don`t think I have, but I wasn`t going to stop for her to try and sell me some, nor anything else) and turned and left the counter.

How I`d love to have said to her - "I wish you wouldn`t waste peoples time, by asking them all this, but just get on and do the job they came in for." - but, being me, I didn`t. I just seethed inside.

I wondered afterward what her reaction would be, if the next time she stood with one item in a Supermarket queue, the girls on checkout stopped to ask every customer "do you need any bread? and milk? any meat? did you know we`ve got a special offer on cheese its buy one of a certain brand, get another free. etc.....etc......." !!!!

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