Monday, June 01, 2009


Yes, I have to confess.

I`m a murderer.

On Saturday my friends had invited me to theirs for the day. It was a beautiful sunny morning and by mid morning I was merrily driving along the main road. Being the weekend there was quite a lot of traffic about.

The road was clear in front of me, when I saw a small animal, a little stoat I think, come running out from the verge ahead of me going straight across the road. That`s fine, I thought, there`s no traffic coming the other way at the moment, he`ll (or she`ll) get safely across. He/she looked so happy in the sun, bright, lively and young.

Then as I got probably about a yard (sorry, I don`t to metre measurements!) from him, he was by this time was on the white chevroned dividing lines in the middle or the road. He hesitated, dithered, maybe frightened, and then....... instead of continuing to run across the clear side of the road, he turned round, to return to the bank he`d come from. I`d got a string of traffic behind me, I couldn`t stop, nor slow much, and I could see what was going to happen, but I just hoped against hope that somehow he`d end up going under the middle of my car and not the wheels - but it wasn`t to be, and I felt the gentle bump as I ran over him. I looked back in my mirror and there he was, lying on the road.

It really upset me for the rest of the day. To think that I`d killed a young, vibrant, young creature who was just enjoying life, the day and the sun. It was horrible.

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stf said...

sorry for you both!