Thursday, March 12, 2009

Successful Surprise

The event I`d been planning in secret for over two months now, took place today.

During those weeks over 50 people had been sworn to secrecy. I was rather doubtful whether the secret could be kept from the one person I didn`t want to know about it until today, but it had.

Today was my Mum`s 90th. birthday, and to celebrate it, I`d planned a surprise party. Invitations had been sent out in January and responses received, the church catering ladies had been consulted and liaised with, a friend had been briefed to bring a camera..... and now today was the day.

After taking my Mum out to dinner and for a ride along the coast in the afternoon, I manage to time it perfectly to get her back to our church where I`d arranged for the party to be held, having asked all the guests to be there before that time.

Once at the church, on the pretext of collecting some mail, I got the wheelchair out of the car and asked Mum if she would like to come in with me. She still seemed not to suspect anything. I wheeled her through into the hall and everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" to her, and then she realised that the group of people were there for her.

I think at times she was quite overwhelmed by the amount of love she was shown, and though the 70 birthday cards she received and all the presents too. People were so kind and generous, and it really "made the day". The surprise party ended with some entertainment of sketches and songs by some of the church members.

I thinks its a day she will long remember - I know I will too!


Lani said...

Happy 90th Birthday to your Mom!!! What a milestone. And she looks so happy. And she's wearing my favorite color... orange. Is that you in the picture, Ivy? So nice to finally be able to put faces with the people.

Ivy said...

Thanks Lani, No, that`s not me, that`s my aunt. I was taking the picture. I`m better behind the camera than in front of it!!

Z said...

I'm glad it went so well and that she felt happy and loved.

I LOVE YOU said...