Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peace & Tranquility

The sun shone.... it felt like spring in the air.... so I went to one of my favourite places for a walk

It`s so hard to capture in a single photo the feeling of the vastness and beauty of the miles and miles of golden sand.

It`s one place where I feel really close to God. There is just such a "special atmosphere" there to me. I find as I saunter slowly along taking in the sight and vastness of it, thoughts come up from deep inside me - some from times past, some current, some sad, some happy, some problems, some worries, but there they seem to be put into perspective. And I come back refreshed.

Sheer Peace & Tranquility

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stf (lorna) said...

love it Ivy. So beautiful as you say. I can sense God's presence too