Sunday, September 11, 2011

I`m Back

I`m back, and once I got used to driving up and down lots of hills and climbing steps and hills (!) I had a great holiday.

On arrival at the place where I`d booked a flat to stay in for the week, I opened the downstairs outside door, and immediately wondered if I`d done the right thing, it smelt musty and was rather dark.  I couldn`t see a light switch (and never did the whole week!), but I climbed up the twisting carpeted stairs to find the door of the flat, opened it very dubiously.  On entering I was faced with four closed doors, again it didn`t feel welcoming and my immediate thoughts were, I want to go home.   But I opened the doors one at a time, and found the rooms to actually be light, bright and big and airy.  I propped all the doors open and immediately it felt better.

I enjoyed the freedom of staying in a flat as opposed to a B&B or hotel, which I`d always done in the past, especially on one morning when it was very windy and rainy, so I just stayed in and relaxed with a book and didn`t fell obliged to go out, in the way I would have done in more formal places.  The whole holiday was very relaxing and just what I needed. (except for all the many, many phone calls from my mother!, but more of that another day)

I kept my camera busy all the holiday and have taken lots and lots of photos - will post some in the next few days. 

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