Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Day Out

The sun shone, I was on holiday from work, so into the car I jumped yesterday morning and set off along the coast road, enjoying the beauty of all the new spring life around me.   The wonderful green of the trees, the pink blossom on the almond and cherry trees, the sight of lambs in a field.    What could be more beautiful.

Stopping in a town to get myself some fish & chips for dinner, I then drove along the cliff top found a good spot to park overlooking the sea and enjoy the fish & chips.   Sitting there in the car eating them, I became aware that two ducks had waddled over and stood there watching me.  I decided to see if they liked chips!, so threw two small ones out of the window, which they soon devoured.   They stood waiting for more!   (which they duly got)   but I discovered that they don`t like fish skin - I threw a little battered covered bit of skin out to them, they looked at it and ignored it. - not so the sea-gulls, they quickly came for it.

Having finished my picnic lunch I went for a walk along the cliff top.

This is the beautiful scene that I was looking at as I walked along.   The picture doesn`t really do it justice - it was such a huge open, calm, peaceful, expanse of sea and seashore.

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