Monday, April 26, 2010


I`ve just realised it`s a while since I wrote a post.  

It was a lovely week of weather here last week, well, until Sunday when it turned dull and showery.   Still the showers have done my garden good.  I spent most of Saturday out there, as I`d been to the garden centre on Friday afternoon and got some plants to put into tubs and pots, so spent quite a while doing that, then set all my runner bean seeds in pots to start off.  

At the moment my summer house is full of little plant pots, some geraniums and now all the pots of runner beans.   So, everytime I want to sit in there I have to move them all out!   Maybe one day I`ll think about getting a green-house, but at the moment it doesn`t really seem worth it, not just to use for a few weeks of the year as a nursery for baby plants.

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