Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alone and Scared

I`ve been awake nearly all night and feeling very alone, worried and scared. Now thankfully it`s morning.

Since Monday, I`ve had a bit of a pain in my left side and my chest, but last night in bed, it got really bad. I couldn`t lay on my side, my front, nor very comfortably on my back. I nearly got up to write this at 2 a.m. this morning but daren`t move. I lay there, thinking: did I ought to ring someone?, should I ring for a medic? is it my heart? is it cancer? is it just a muscle?

My first job this morning, as soon as the surgery opens will be to go and make an appointment to see the doctor and try and find out what it it - although I`m scared of what he might say it is.

Going into our Health Centre as soon as they opened at 8 a.m. the receptionist was very helpful, and said there were 2 emergency doctors on duty and that one of them would ring me in the next couple of hours. So home I went.

About half an hour later the phone rang - it was the doctor. After trying to describe where the pain was, etc., he assured me he didn`t think it was anything too serious and nothing for me to worry about, but would I like to go up and he would check it out. Appointment made for 9.10 a.m.

I duly went up, saw the doctor chap, he did several tests and examinations, and is fairly sure that the pain is coming from my somehow damaging the muscle around my ribs. How I`ve done it, I don`t know. Still at least it`s none of the life-threatening things I was fearing. Painkillers were prescribed, and I`m told it could take at least 2 weeks to clear.

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Anonymous said...

how are you feeling now

our 18 year old son was diagnosed with gallstones last week! Had an op on Monday. And I thought it was 'just' stomach flu - so it's very good to get it checked out.

If you are still in pain after 10 days make another appointment. It might be nothing, but it might also be something which can easily be treated.

take care of yourself. You are important